Current Studies

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At the StarLab for Mind and Development we investigate how children and adults reason about the social and moral world. Below, you can find out more about our ongoing studies, as well as sign up to participate with your child.

Our online child studies are designed as fun and interesting games for children from infancy to age 12. You and your child connect with a researcher using Zoom video software. Your video chat will usually take about 30 minutes, and are enjoyable for both children and their parents! You can participate in multiple studies, with multiple children, in one video chat session.

Our Current Studies

That was hard!

Ages 3-6

How do children value the effort that goes into making objects like art and tools? In this study we ask children which objects or paintings they like better, and which ones they think others will like better.

That's Impossible!

Ages 5-8

Could a person ever grow a tail, or have a pet unicorn? In this study we want to find out how children make judgments about possible, impossible and improbable events.

That's not fair!

Ages 5-8

This study asks how children think about fairness and how they would fix inequalities if it were up to them.

What will I be like as an adult?

Ages 4-7

This study asks how children think they will change when they become grown-ups.

How much have I changed?

Ages 4-11

This study asks whether children think their preferences and values have changed over the previous year and whether they think they will continue to change next year.

Do people change?

Ages 4-7

Can a mean person become nice? This study asks if children think childhood personality traits can change in adulthood.