For Parents

Our research is made possible by interested parents like you participating in our studies with their children! Our studies are set up as short games or activities for your child, and you can participate just by coming in for a short visit. Visits usually take only about 30 minutes, and we provide free parking just outside our centre. Feel free to contact us for more information, at 416-978-7819 or

Here's what you can expect during a visit to our lab with your child!

Before the study:
If you’ve expressed interest in participating in our studies, a researcher from our lab will call you to let you know when we have a new study for your child's age range. We can then schedule a time for you to come in that works best for you (we are able to schedule visits on evenings or weekends if you prefer). Please feel free to bring your other children along as we have a child-friendly reception room with toys and games and fun research assistants to keep your children busy!
When you arrive:
Once you’ve arrived, you will be taken into our reception area where your child can play with our toys while getting acquainted with the researchers. In the meantime, our researchers will provide a more detailed description of the study and go over the consent form you will have to sign that allows your child to participate. Our researcher will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.
During the study:
Once you and your child are ready, your child will start the activity with one of our researchers in our adjacent study rooms. Studies with preschoolers and older children are typically done in the study room while parents watch along on a video screen. Studies with younger infants typically take place with both the parent and infant in the study room together. The study will usually take around 5-15 minutes.
After the study:
Once the study is over, your child can choose a small prize as a token of our appreciation! Our researchers will be happy to answer any other questions you may have after seeing the activity. If you're interested, we're also happy to keep you updated with our most recent findings over time!